This is for me.

Well, if you are stumbling upon my page…welcome, and I apologize in advance for my future
all-over-the-board ramblings.

This blog is for me – although I don’t mind if you follow along.

As I woke up today I realized, it is 2013. Say it with me – it. is. 2013.
Where the hell (I also curse, my apologies) did 2012 go!? I can barely remember what I did yesterday – and not because I was drunk – but because I feel as if my life is just zooming by and
I swear, I can’t remember any of it!

Like right now my child is begging me to do puzzles with him on the iPad, telling me how weird I am, laughing hysterically while trying to put his hand down my tank top and pretending to crack eggs on my head (wait…I’m the weird one?). While my boyfriend texts me details from his couch about all the funny moments in some episode of Big Bang Theory. No wonder it’s taken me over two hours to write my first post. No wonder I can’t remember anything.

Thus, I’m starting a blog. Everyone has a blog, so SO CAN I! Plus it’s on my resolution list – which means this blog will last about a month. I tried this once before (2009?) – I’ll link it some time when ya’ll get more comfortable with me – it’s deep and dark and reveals too much of my past – but we’ll get to that too!

Bare with me here – some of you may know me, some of you may not – but I invite you to get to know me (as I further get to know myself). I’m not some witty, fantastic writer or anything. I’m just a normal (questionable), single, 20-something year old mama of one two-year-old ball of fire and energy – trying to raise this boy and find my place in life, love, and work; all while trying to renovate this little 1920s home I bought in 2011.

winter house

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