Traveler’s Diary

With the passing of my aunt, I am here in Kentucky for a couple days.

(UPDATE: I am home now. I am just now returning to finish up this post – I promise I’ve tried to blog, it’s been virtually impossible the last few days between being in Kentucky, cleaning up puke and my boyfriend holding the computer hostage.)

Anyhow, we went to Kentucky for my aunt Jean’s funeral. My dad, my mom, my 2-year-old and myself. My brother held down the fort at my parents’ house and the manfriend staked out at my house. I hadn’t been on a trip (however short) with my parents for about 6 years. Note to self: Take earplugs next time you have to share a hotel room with your parents.

The trip was emotionally tough for me – I really just had to “go to another place” within myself to keep from crying the entire time. Saying goodbye was tough for me. I don’t really think there’s a good way to prepare yourself to see someone you loved for the last time, then tell them goodbye. She looked very peaceful and I try to keep telling myself that she is at peace now.

Surprisingly, my 2-year-old didn’t do too bad on the trip – he’s a pretty good traveler. That’s the furthest he’s traveled yet, so I’m hopeful for our first “real vacation” – which (fingers crossed) will be later this year or next. Our biggest problem was that I put him in a pull-up on the way down and he definitely wasn’t a fan of peeing in his pants. I thought my dad’s head would explode by the time Mr. L finally stopped screaming and actually peed in his pull-up. Probably not the smartest parenting choice I’ve ever made. I just didn’t want my dad’s head to explode if we had to stop to pee every 20 minutes. Potty training can be a bitch.

The iPad was a godsend – I can’t imagine the meltdowns without it. I will do a separate post soon with my opinion on toddlers and iPads, but for now – all you perfect parents can stop judging me 🙂 He’s on an iPad hiatus for now if it makes you feel better.

Kentucky 1

We drove through a wind farm on our way down – it was fantastic! Since I’m not all that well-traveled, I had never seen anything like it. Futuristic white wind turbines as far as the eye can see. I was really in awe! Read more about it here >

Ven Wert OH

Got home late – but to a clean house! Since my child had been cooped up in a car for over 7 hours, he didn’t think sleeping was necessary. Yay, me! I am really hoping for a semi-normal next few weeks. I have got to get this boy back on schedule.

So there’s a quick update! I hope to resume the witty, honest posts come Monday!

xo, Jess.

{moment of honesty} A few happenings from the past few days that I’m leaving out of this post – stayed up all night with a puking toddler, had a “do we want to live together?” discussion with the manfriend, did I mention that I have a cavity?, oh and Mr. L’s dad was arrested. I also saw the movie Django Unchained, did some basement organization and spent my Friday night shredding stacks of old paperwork. I’m planning on spending my Saturday night watching Miss America.
Man, I’m so cool.

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