I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags

Well, it’s been awhile huh? 14 days to be exact. I told you guys I’m no good at this blogging business. Sue me. (Not really, please)

I figured I’d do something fun to get back in the blogging game. Why not join up with my faves over at Young House Love for the (completely unofficial) Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge.

Oh you haven’t heard this phenomenal song? Please, crawl out from underneath your rock and watch.

Macklemore – Thrift Shop (clean)

Since I’m not above a little thrift shop challenge, I thought this could be fun. I love cheap shit. So, my little guy and I decided to go on a little adventure.

The Challenge:

Step #1. Go to a thrift shop with – just as the chorus of the song says – “$20 in your pocket” and take a picture.

Boo ya. He’s pretty cute huh? I’ll sell him to you.

Step #2 was to spend your $20 any way you’d like and photograph your spoils.

Step #3. Find one item (or more) referenced in the song and snap a pic.

I found these wonderful treasures


(my gator shoes, those are green)

(searching through luggage)

(skeet blankets)

(thank your granddad for donating that plaid button-up shirt)


I was thisclose to taking that big a$$ coat home.

Alas, our thrifting was not very fruitful. We ended up with five Ball jars, and Luke got two toys (a monster truck and a small diecast truck).

We spent a whopping $1.87. Holla for cheap toys.

The jars went to my bff for her upcoming barn wedding.


Tell me everyone, been doing any thrifting lately? Borrowing your grandma’s clothes?

xo, Jess.

P.S. I’m linked up to YHL at #183 🙂 where you can check out everyone else’s thrifty goods 🙂


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