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It’s Pinterest Time! :)

Dun dun dun…it’s time for the big Pinterest Challenge (winter challenge) reveal! Yay!

I usually participate in the Pinterest Challenge hosted by my virtual besties – Sherry Petersik @ and Katie Bower @ Since I wasn’t blogging then, I couldn’t really document such adventures. Well – today – that all changes.

So go ahead and check out all the deetz at Young House Love or stay right here and I’ll fill ya in. The challenge is to find something on Pinterest (seriously, easiest task ever) and put your own spin on it. Cooking, decorating, sewing..whatever tickles your fancies. Then post your version on your own blog and link it back to the original creator. Boom. Oh so simple and not-to-mention the challenge puts a little fire under your bum to actually get up and do something other than sitting on the couch watching Dance Moms. Oh shoot… I just told you all what I’m doing right now.

I didn’t want to attempt anything too difficult. I needed to find something relatively simple. I have more difficult Pinterest projects planned for this Spring and Summer, so let’s just keep it nice and easy while the snow flies.

I decided to finally finish my interchangeable picture frame. I was pinspired by this little lady’s Flickr photostream. Not gonna lie. Mine’s pretty much a copy. I don’t know her dimensions or anything, but mine looks scarily similar.

Anywayyy I gave my darling daddy a holla and he made me this frame. (My grandma made the gorgeous crochet tablecloth)
Actually he made it for me a long time ago. It’s been hanging up on the wall… with nothing in it…for quite some time now. Whoops.

Then I gathered my supplies.
Some hemp jewelry wire, some silver jewelry wire (I’m indecisive, okay?), some eye hooks out of a picture hanging kit, and some mini clothespins. Total cost was around $6 at Hobby Lobby.

The final project – looks a little something like this
blog 1

isn’t is just the sweetest? And easy too! You can surprise your husband by whipping this up all on your own. I promise.

Then I walked in the bathroom and I saw this cutie pie.
blog 2
and whilst watching that little cutie make faces at himself in the mirror for a half hour, I decided my interior doors were looking a little boring.
blog 3

Why not a double dose of Pinterest Challenge (winter edition)? Sure, let’s do it. This time I was pinspired by And I had a thought! Why not give my doors a little pop of color? I’m game.

I grabbed a couple tubes of acrylic paint and went to town. The whole thing (3 interior doors) took me about 30 minutes total. I didn’t tape my doors, I just freehanded it. I’m cool like that. It was SO EASY. I am encouraging you to get up and go paint all your door edges right now. Go. Do it while your boyfriend screams at the television watching IU Basketball. You can thank me later.

the bathroom
blog 5

green walls with new blue door edge ๐Ÿ™‚

and Mr. L’s bedroom
blog 7

gray walls with new navy door edge ๐Ÿ™‚

and my bedroom
blog 4

blue walls with new green edge ๐Ÿ™‚

I wanted to paint my bedroom door edge pink… and then I thought the green would match my new chair better.
blog 6
Do you love it? I do. I realllllly love it. I realllllly love Target. A little too much. I could max out many, many credit cards there. Don’t mind that baby alligator. Mr. L likes to hide him in various places to scare me.

So there you have it. My rendition of Pinterest Challenge. I’m happy with my new frame and my new pops of color throughout the house. I love, love the little things. That’s what I love in peoples’ homes. The little things you may not notice on initial walk through, but upon closer inspection you find little surprises in every room. That’s what makes a home “home” to me. That’s what I want my home to be.

Hope you guys created something fabulous – I can’t wait to check out everyone’s Pinterest renditions!

xo, Jess.

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the HOUSE list

Well, folks… I need to tackle will be tackling some more house projects soon. So – in the meantime – let me put all my needs and wants out there for ya. Well, some of my needs and wants ๐Ÿ™‚

My house has come a long ol’ way. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen some of the changes. If you’re not, let me break it down for you. The first time I saw the house, I quickly decided “hell no,” and closed the book on ever living there. After seeing the house, I was forced persuaded to take another look. My dad saw what the house could be, and I purchased it. It hasn’t been easy – my lease was up in October 2011, and I bought the house in September 2011. My landlord graciously let me stay in my loft until October 15, giving us 45 days to get this house ready to live in. I don’t know how we my parents did it. My dad lived over there for those 45 days. Thank God for this little house. After a year and a half, it is now a home.

We have gone from this –

to this –

and that’s just the outside.

The inside is a whole post of its own.

Anyhow – hang on, because this is going to be a long one – I want to do more! I have had this list for months – on my laptop, my flash drive, posted on my refrigerator – and it’s time to put it somewhere that I can come back and update the thing. So here we go!

House To-Do List

paint garage (half completed actually) (thankfully, the color difference is not all that noticeable)
paint garage door
add decorative hardware to garage door
paint garage entry door
paint remaining shutters (2 on garage)
hang remaining shutters (2 on garage)
paint remaining foundation
install new mailbox post
paint mailbox and apply decals
look into repairing crack in concrete patio by garage
stain/paint concrete patio by garage
create intimate patio area by garage
replace light with ceiling fan on patio
add lattice or some kind of privacy barrier to patio area
install fiber cement tiles to covered window on west side of home
paint those tiles to match the house
remove remainder of in-ground grill
replace outdoor carpet
install full-view storm door on front door
paint back door
install โ€œhelloโ€ decal
paint storm door on back door
install full-view storm door on back door (later)
install newly painted storm door (originally on front door) on garage entry door
paint lamp post
install new post light
landscaping in front of home
add some potted flowers to the front porch
landscaping on west side of home
hose and mount for east side of home
mount for the hose on west side of home
stake/till area for future garden
add a rain barrel to the back of garage/west end corner of house for watering
build window boxes for front windows
remove clothes line
remove old clothes line poles
remove bushes at the back of the house
remove large antenna at the back of the house
build a deck at the back of the house
pave the driveway (eventually)
fence the yard (eventually)
new, wider front porch (eventually)
install pillars on the front of the home (eventually)
new concrete by the back door
install or DIY a pathway from patio by back door to the garage
upgrade the railings on back porch
break up the yard into various areas using flower beds


Update furnace
Add central air conditioning

**Living Room**

Repair the doorway
Replace windows
Demo and add insulation (eventually)
Add floor-to-ceiling bookcases in the living room (possible cabinets on the base)
Add fireplace
Add mantle
Add desk area to living room (this may not work because of limited space)
Replace couch with leather couch or sectional
Replace end table with something smaller, no glass
Build or buy an ottoman
Add a slipper chair
Larger rug
Find curtains more appropriate for winter
Add thin trim around ceiling


Purchase a pantry
Purchase a small base cabinet for next to stove
Replace ceiling
Add insulation
Replace windows
Replace lighting
Replace flooring
Replace cabinetry (purchased!)
Replace hardware on the cabinetry
Replace countertops (contemplating DIY concrete counters)
Replace sink
Replace faucet
Add backsplash (contemplating beadboard now)
Add vent hood or incorporate microwave above stove w/ventilation system
Add dishwasher Replace refrigerator (eventually) with stainless french door
Replace stove with stainless gas 5-burner stove
Update cabinetry on right side when entering kitchen from laundry room
Add crown molding
Add lighting over the bar area

**Dining Room**

Demo all paneling
Add insulation
Add and finish drywall
Replace ceiling
Replace flooring
Replace windows
Add crown molding
Add a bookcase for symmetry
DIY a new dining table
Purchase new dining chairs
Purchase a rug for under the dining table
New bar stools for bar

**Master Bedroom**

Find a new dresser that will fit right side of door
Create seating/intimate area on left side of door
Move bed to center of room
DIY headboard
Two smaller side tables
Hem closet “doors”
Add crown molding
Frame the TV
Update the interior of the closet

**Second Bedroom**

Add crown molding
Paint closet doors
Update interior of closet
Possible floating shelves on wall
Add magnetic paint to create race track on wall

**Laundry Room**

Remove handle from right side of stairs into kitchen
Replace railing on left side of stairs into kitchen (no idea what to do)
Update the stairs into the kitchen
Replace window
Remove paneling
Add insulation
Hang and finish drywall
Add crown molding
Replace flooring
Replace lighting
Paint room – subtle stripes for contrast
Paint appliances (for now)
Update appliances (eventually)
Remove countertop and base cabinet
Construct a built-in bench seat โ€œlockerโ€ area of sorts on half
Construct more functional โ€œlaundry center on half w/space for baskets, hanging, ironing, drying


Add crown molding
Add/change art for interest


Clean out entire thing
Paint or stain the concrete flooring
Create an area for the cats
Create an area for organized storage
Add a deep freezer

Let’s be honest, there’s probably more. Some of these things will probably not get finished. Maybe when I’m 40. I gotta do things on a single mama income here ๐Ÿ™‚

Thankfully, I have a GREAT FANTASTIC WONDERFUL AMAZING set of parents that love getting their hands dirty helping out with the house. I couldn’t have done any of it without them,
that’s for sure!
My mama and I are the brains, and my dad is the brawn ๐Ÿ™‚ That man can see it, build it, do it all!

So there it is! My dad just finished my built-ins, fireplace, and mantle in my living room, so I would really like to tackle my living room this year. And my bedroom. I would love to start in on the kitchen this year, but I don’t think my budget will allow it. Who knows, maybe I’ll hit the lottery.
Maybe next year.

Hopefully, I can hang on to blogging and I can document it all right here!
So all you fine folks can watch.
Or you could all come over and help me repaint my dining room.
I pay in pizza and beer.

XO, Jess.

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