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Date Night

Ever had one of those nights that was going great then WHAM! It hits ya. You know the kind.

We started out at Elia’s for some Lebanese food. I digress from my whining for a moment, ohmygosh yum! Cute little place, super friendly staff, yummy fare. I had the chicken shawarma and he had the grill combo with shish tawook (chicken), kafta (beef), and shish kebab (steak). It was so good! I liked his best, specifically the shish kebab. That steak was melt in your mouth delicious. We also had an appetizer of baba ganoushe. I wish that would have been warm, that was my only complaint.

Anyhow…upward and onward, then we hit AMC for Gangster Squad. Best movie I have seen in a very long time. I completely loved it! Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling were fantastic. And I can’t deny that I have a tiny – okay, huge – girl crush on Emma Stone. That is one foxy redhead. Go see it. I urge you!

Then on the way to get Mr. L we start talking about the movie, then Mr. L, then about parenting. Woa, whoa, then we start arguing about parenting. Pretty soon we are yelling about parenting. Then silence.

Why must we ruin every single nice evening we have?
It was a great night. Minus the parenting argument.
Now he’s been in the bathroom for 20 minutes and I’m sitting here eating leftover chicken shawarma.
I win.

Xo, Jess.

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How do YOU fight it out?

Okay, so many of you know me – and maybe we’re friends in real life, or maybe we’re just Facebook buds because we like to “stalk” eachother. Face it, if we’re friends on Facebook and we’ve never really talked in real life, I am probably “stalking” you. I digress… as I said, many of you know me, but maybe a few you don’t know me at all.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself.
I am Jessica and I am an over-sharer. Did you know that I am an over-sharer? Well I am, 🙂 but you mustn’t tell anyone else.

In real life, I have a handful of close friends. They are awesome and we all like to talk. Sometimes we talk about things (possibly in public) that most people would cover their ears overhearing. My sheshallremainnameless co-worker and I have probably over-shared way too much about ourselves in the past almost-two-years. Sorry blog readers, I won’t divulge all the good stuff yet.

Anyhow – back to the question – today I want you to share something with me. Yes, I have a question for YOU. I want to know how you fight with your boyfriend husband wife girlfriend friend-with-benefits other half significant other? And how often?

Are you constantly arguing? Never arguing? Do you fight quietly after the kids have gone to bed, or is it a public battle? Do you throw things at them? 🙂 Or maybe you’re better quieter than me and you know how to just keep your mouth shut?

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, I know I can be somewhat cryptic. I know I have been somewhat cryptic lately because my relationship has been a little … strained. I don’t like to come right out and talk about my personal relationship, therefore, everyone I talk about in this blog must remain nameless. So yeah… things have been a little strained the past few days and we haven’t come right out and argued about it yet. Maybe we never will. Usually the arguing over here consists of a bunch of some yelling, some ignoring, some apologizing and then it’s over. It’s usually over dumb, petty things and sometimes the argument actually makes things even better than they were to begin with. Maybe most of our arguments are healthy? HAHA!

This time – wayyyy different. It’s been a lot of passive-aggressive comments (and let me tell you, I am the queen of passive-aggressive) and lots of saying, “okay then.” It’s not as heated and it’s lasting a lot longer, and it’s driving me nuts. It’s to the point where I don’t even know what we’re arguing about. Does that happen to anyone else? Usually when I’ve done something wrong, which is never hardly ever, I like to hold out on apologizing until I can’t remember what I did wrong, and then I just give him one of those “general apologies.” One of those, “I’m sorry I’m such a bitch grouch this week,” apologies. Yeah, you know the one. Maybe I should have put “learn how to give a good apology” on my resolution list.

Anyway, I think it’s because there has been a lot going on lately (see ya next year, holidays!) and we haven’t had as much time together. It’s weird, but we fight more when we’re apart. I can’t figure out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but if we fight less when we’re together than I’d vote that it’s a good thing. We usually only fight when we’re together if he’s been in the bathroom longer than 20 minutes or if he refuses to let me change the channel when he’s been glued to his iPad for the past half hour. You don’t get both the TV and the iPad, buddy.

Fingers are crossed that everything will be back to the normal by next week. What can I say, I’m a sucker for routine.

Oh my goodness, I’m doing too much over-sharing. Sorry for spilling my “I just admitted I don’t have the perfect relationship” post on ya! I will have to watch what I share from now on. Before I scare everyone my manfriend away.

So there’s my question to you … how do you guys argue? Am I the only weird one who forgets what they’re fighting about by the time they apologize? Please – anyone – tell me I’m normal.

xo, Jess.

{moment of honesty} I let my toddler play on the iPad while I wrote this post. If you’re judging me right now, I have a slightly smaller (down 4 lbs in 2 days!) booty that you can kiss.

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