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It’s Pinterest Time! :)

Dun dun dun…it’s time for the big Pinterest Challenge (winter challenge) reveal! Yay!

I usually participate in the Pinterest Challenge hosted by my virtual besties – Sherry Petersik @ http://www.younghouselove.com and Katie Bower @ http://www.bowerpowerblog.com. Since I wasn’t blogging then, I couldn’t really document such adventures. Well – today – that all changes.

So go ahead and check out all the deetz at Young House Love or stay right here and I’ll fill ya in. The challenge is to find something on Pinterest (seriously, easiest task ever) and put your own spin on it. Cooking, decorating, sewing..whatever tickles your fancies. Then post your version on your own blog and link it back to the original creator. Boom. Oh so simple and not-to-mention the challenge puts a little fire under your bum to actually get up and do something other than sitting on the couch watching Dance Moms. Oh shoot… I just told you all what I’m doing right now.

I didn’t want to attempt anything too difficult. I needed to find something relatively simple. I have more difficult Pinterest projects planned for this Spring and Summer, so let’s just keep it nice and easy while the snow flies.

I decided to finally finish my interchangeable picture frame. I was pinspired by this little lady’s Flickr photostream. Not gonna lie. Mine’s pretty much a copy. I don’t know her dimensions or anything, but mine looks scarily similar.

Anywayyy I gave my darling daddy a holla and he made me this frame. (My grandma made the gorgeous crochet tablecloth)
Actually he made it for me a long time ago. It’s been hanging up on the wall… with nothing in it…for quite some time now. Whoops.

Then I gathered my supplies.
Some hemp jewelry wire, some silver jewelry wire (I’m indecisive, okay?), some eye hooks out of a picture hanging kit, and some mini clothespins. Total cost was around $6 at Hobby Lobby.

The final project – looks a little something like this
blog 1

isn’t is just the sweetest? And easy too! You can surprise your husband by whipping this up all on your own. I promise.

Then I walked in the bathroom and I saw this cutie pie.
blog 2
and whilst watching that little cutie make faces at himself in the mirror for a half hour, I decided my interior doors were looking a little boring.
blog 3

Why not a double dose of Pinterest Challenge (winter edition)? Sure, let’s do it. This time I was pinspired by http://www.radicalpossibility.com/2012/09/color-pop-painting-inside-of-your-doors.html. And I had a thought! Why not give my doors a little pop of color? I’m game.

I grabbed a couple tubes of acrylic paint and went to town. The whole thing (3 interior doors) took me about 30 minutes total. I didn’t tape my doors, I just freehanded it. I’m cool like that. It was SO EASY. I am encouraging you to get up and go paint all your door edges right now. Go. Do it while your boyfriend screams at the television watching IU Basketball. You can thank me later.

the bathroom
blog 5

green walls with new blue door edge 🙂

and Mr. L’s bedroom
blog 7

gray walls with new navy door edge 🙂

and my bedroom
blog 4

blue walls with new green edge 🙂

I wanted to paint my bedroom door edge pink… and then I thought the green would match my new chair better.
blog 6
Do you love it? I do. I realllllly love it. I realllllly love Target. A little too much. I could max out many, many credit cards there. Don’t mind that baby alligator. Mr. L likes to hide him in various places to scare me.

So there you have it. My rendition of Pinterest Challenge. I’m happy with my new frame and my new pops of color throughout the house. I love, love the little things. That’s what I love in peoples’ homes. The little things you may not notice on initial walk through, but upon closer inspection you find little surprises in every room. That’s what makes a home “home” to me. That’s what I want my home to be.

Hope you guys created something fabulous – I can’t wait to check out everyone’s Pinterest renditions!

xo, Jess.

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